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Page Update  1/2/16 I also have Bichons, Havachons and Havanese not on the website yet please call me so I can tell what is available. Normally my beautiful Havanese come with their registration paperwork from the APRI (American Pet Registry). My beautiful Havachons are Designer Puppies and do not come wth registration paperwork. To reserve a puppy I require a $150 deposit for the Bichon and Havachon puppies and $200 for the Havanese puppies. The deposit is applied to the sales price listed on this website. I will now refund your deposit if you should change your mind and decide not to purchase a puppy. The deposit just tell me your serious about wanting a pup. I accept Credit Cards, Cash and PayPal as payment. At the bottom of the page, the buy button enables you to use your credit card or paypal for payment. If you wish to have your puppy microchipped I will be happy to go ahead and chip the puppy once you have paid the deposit.  I will then forward you the chip information. Thanks!

For people wanting their new puppy to have an extra measure of protection in case they are lost, I recommend a microchip. The cost of the microchip is included in the sales price.  I use AVID microchips. I have had outstanding experiences with this microchip and highly recommend it.   Please give Ted a call or text my mobile number at (214-202-8120) for more information. I am going to be in College Station on Sunday October 25th and November 21st. I can meet then if that helps. I have puppies that are not on this website yet and would love to tell you about them. Ted

Havachon Puppies Currently Available

DAMON SOLD TO REBA - Male Havachon $450 (SOLD)
DEE-DEE SOLD TO CRYSTAL - Female Havachon $450 (SOLD)
FERN SOLD TO MARGARITA - Female Havachon $450 (SOLD)
FRANKY DOB 1/16/16 - Male Havachon $450
FRAN SOLD TO LISA - Female Havachon $450 (SOLD)
FERGIE DOB 1/16/16 - Female Havachon $450
FLORY SOLD TO ARLEEN - Female Havachon $450 (SOLD)
JOY SOLD TO LORI - Female Havachon $450 (SOLD)
JUNE DOB 1/24/16 - Female Havachon $450
JAKE SOLD TO DORTHY - Male Havachon $450 (SOLD)
JASPER SOLD TO LYNDA - Male Havachon $450 (SOLD)
JELLY-BEAN DOB 1/16/16 - Male Havachon $450
FAY SOLD TO BRIAN - Female Havachon $450 (SOLD)
FAITH SOLD TO LISA - Female Havachon $450 (SOLD)
FRED SOLD TO CHARLIE - Male Havachon $450 (SOLD)
DANDY dob 1/12/16 - Male Havachon $450
JASMINE SOLD TO GLORIA - Female Havachon $450 (SOLD)

Bichon Frise Puppies Currently Available

There are currently no Bichon Frise puppies available.

Havanese Puppies Currently Available

HAWK DOB 1/10/16 - Male Havanese $600
HANK DOB 1/10/16 - Male Havanese $600
HANNAH DOB 1/10/16 - Female Havanese $650
HALEY SOLD TO CHRIS - Female Havanese $650 (SOLD)

Contact me for more information!

Contact: Ted - Email: texasfamilyhavachons@gmail.com
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