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Page Updated 11/25/14

My beautiful Bichons and Havanese come with their registration paperwork from the APRI (American Pet Registry). My beautiful Havachons are Designer Puppies and do not come with registration paperwork.

To reserve a puppy I require a $150 deposit for the Bichon and Havachon puppies and $250 for the Havanese puppies. I accept Credit Cards, Cash and PayPal as payment. At the bottom of the page, the buy button enables you to use your credit card or paypal for payment. Sorry, but I don’t take personal checks for the deposit. If you wish to have your puppy microchipped I will be happy to go ahead and chip the puppy once you have paid the deposit and chip fee.  I will then forward you the chip information. Thanks!

For people wanting their new puppy to have an extra measure of protection in case they are lost, I recommend a microchip. I will microchip your new puppy for an additional $25 charge. However, for those who select a puppy online and put down a deposit between now and Christmas I will microchip for free if so desired.  I use AVID microchips. I have had outstanding experiences with this microchip and highly recommend it.   Please give Ted a call or text my mobile number at (214-202-8120) for more information.

I have puppies that are not on this website yet and would love to tell you about them.   There is a litters of 4 female Bichons that I will be adding in the next week.  I have what your going to need for Christmas!! These pups are adorable. I’m new at this website thing and trying to learn as fast as I can so please be understanding. I will get back to everyone who is interested.  Thanks Ted

Havachon Puppies Currently Available

Tiffany - dob 8/26/14 - Female Havachon $450
Tasha - dob 8/26/14 - Female Havachon $450
Scooter - dob 8/14/14 - Male Havachon $350
Sam dob 8/14/14 - Male Havachon $350
Slinky dob 8/14/14 - Male Havachon $350
Dusty - Sold to Stan - Male Havachon $500 (SOLD)
Duke - dob 10/10/14 - Male Havachon $500
Dude - dob 10/10/14 - Male Havachon $500
Dollie - Sold to Stan - Female Havachon $595 (SOLD)
Charley - dob 8/31/14 - Male Havachon $450

Bichon Frise Puppies Currently Available

Lady - dob 9/29/14 - Female Bichon Frise $500
Lucy - dob 9/29/14 - Female Bichon Frise $500
Bell - dob 10/4/14 - Female Bichon Frise $550
Bo - dob 10/4/14 - Male Bichon Frise $500
Abby - 10/5/14 - Female Bichon Frise $550
Ashley - 10/5/14 - Female Bichon Frise $550
Amanda - Female Bichon Frise $550

Havanese Puppies Currently Available

Maggie - dob 8/28/14 - Female Havanese $700
Mollie - dob 08/28/14 - Female Havanese $700
Mister - Sold to Katy - Male Havanese $700 (SOLD)

Contact me for more information!

Contact: Ted - Email: texasfamilyhavachons@gmail.com
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